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Educational & Academic Sectors:

The UAE Ministry of Education / The Qatar Ministry of Education / Al-Hussan National Schools / Ibn Khaldun Schools / Canadian Bilingual School / King Saudi University (KSA) / King Faisal University (KSA) / Jazan University (KSA) / Saudi Technical Colleges (KSA) / Edrak Group (KSA) / Faisal International Academic (KSA) / King Abed Al-Aziz University (KSA) / Kingdom University (BH) / Delmon University (BH) / Al-Jouf University (KSA) / Others Colleges & Schools (private & Government)

Medical & Health Sector:

The Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia (KSA) /  Military hospitals (KSA) /  Armed Forces Hospitals (KSA) /  King Faisal specialist hospital (KSA) /  King Fahed specialist hospital (KSA) /  King Fahed Medical City (KSA) /  Dr. Suliman Al-Habeeb Hospital (KSA) / Al-Mouwasat Hospital (KSA) / King Khalid University Hospital (KSA) / Dr. Suliman Al-Faqeeh Hospital (KSA) / Al-Ain Hospital (UAE) / The American Hospital (UAE) / Dallah Hospital (Kuwait) / Al-Waha Hospital (UAE) / Dar Al-Shefaa Hospital (KSA) / Al-Salam International Hospital (Kuwait) / House medical equipment Co. (UAE) / United Medical Group (KSA+UAE) / Greman Saudi Hospitals Group (KSA) / Al-Saad Hospital (KSA) / The health institutes and colleges (KSA) / National Guard Hospitals (KSA) / Ministry of Health – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Dr. Muhammad Alfagih Hospital / Danat Al Emarat Hospital / Dar Al Shifa Hospital  – kwait / Ministry of Health – Kingdom of Bahrain / Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu (KSA) / Ministry of Public Health – QATAR / Hamad Medical Corporation / Naufar Hospital  Qatar / Sidra Medicine / Al Emadi Hospital Qatar / Abu Dhabi Health Services, Co. – SEHA / Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City / Alia International Hospital / Inaya Medical Center / International Hospital – Kwait / Al Seef Hospital

Engineering Companies:

Al-Zahid Group (KSA) / Al-Jafali Group (KSA) / Al-Fozan Group (KSA) / Aded Al-Latif Jamil Group (KSA) / Al-Muhadib Group (KSA) / Manso Group (KSA) / Lazurdi Group (KSA) / Al-Rajhi Group (KSA) / Al-Nahdi Group (KSA) / Al-Otishan Group (KSA) / Al-Ajami for contracting Co. (KSA) / Al-Ojami for Contracting Co. / Al-Awaji Holding(KSA) / Al-Olayan Group (KSA) / Siemins Co. (KSA) / Al-Humrani Group. (KSA) / Ali & Sons for Contracting Co. (UAE) / Abdullah A.M. AlKhodari Sons Company (KSA) / Saudi Electricity Co. (KSA) / House of Equipment Co. (UAE) / Construction Development Co. (QA) / White Saudi Cement Co. (KSA) / Saudi Cermics Co. (KSA) / Al-Latifia for trading & contracting Co. (KSA) / Saudi Communications Co. (KSA) / Al-Suwaiket For trading & contracting Co. (KSA) / Itesalat Group (UAE) / Zuhair Faiz & partners (KSA) / Other private & government Sectors


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TalentPool enabled me to find a lot of exciting small companies that were actively hiring, which would have taken ages to trawl through myself.


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Most employers try to manage their payroll costs to stay competitive. Whether you’re a small business owner in need of some IT help or an entrepreneur who needs software developers to create a website.

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Specialising in medical, scientific, engineering, IT, Finance and project management fields. Contact Elite Recruitment Company, recruiting across the Middle East.

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Custom Consulting services can help you to take professional and reliable insights and turn them into sustainable strategies over the long term.


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